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A bit like Hillage

by Eagle Claw Ghost

Eagleclaw-1 03:16
Eagleclaw-2 03:16


'A Bit like Hillage' is the playing of DOOM for meditational and contemplative Purpose. (Right. tell that to the Judge.) Handed down by Colematics INF.

An internal tool used to divine the direction of a piece of music or art or even the direction of the organisation as a whole. Very much like the Aborigin Shaman divining their Dream Quests from the Other. we use Doom (and secretly DXM). Thanks, Lester Bangs.

Infact Locking into DOOM was part of the compositional process, somehow it set the mind free and most of our compositional team swore by it, while the others openly mocked them.

each to his own and Whatever.

Any way the title comes from a question repeated many times in the local Psychedelic scene. If you were to ask somebody within that scene 'What is your band like ?' They would say 'a bit like Hillage'.

So, that is that cleared up then.

The music contained are 2 porn collages that ultimately bacame our Porno 7" 'San Fernando Valley Girls'*. here they are in their raw form.

The other track is one we made for the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) on Bat Urine which had got into the palm sap alcohol or palm wine that was consumed in Bangladesh as it is a staple in Bengali Culture. Tarri.

The Bats were spitting, Pissing and Shitting into the stone Collection Pots used to catch the sap cause they liked the Bark from date palm tree and transferring the Nippah virus to the Bengalis who then passed it on to each other. Causing multiple deaths, blindness and Madness.

* San Fernando Valley Girls Lathe Cut 7" available in very limited supply. by request and Money from Colematics INF. please drop an email to Peachy Tickles at colematics@gmail.com. If you require one of these Hand Made Vinyl deals.

We actually have more 7" and 10" In our Noise series.

GLO - New Wave Krokodil Hookers underscore 7" Black
L.U.M.A - The Premonitions of Iblis Coleman 10" Clear
BoMA/Eagleclaw - Sacred Blood Rites of the Monkey Arm/ Golden Udders 7"Clear
Eagleclaw Ghost - New Wave Valley Hookers 7" Clear

We seem to have a reoccuring obsession with new wave music, the Thousand Year Reich and Hookers.

I blame a constant diet of Horror and Exploitation and Porn films for this. but Hey ! it keeps us off the streets, Slaughtering people or sodomising Goats in the name of 'The Holy Grail of Heavy Metal'. and Boulez. I blame Fucking Boulez and the 'Hammer with no Fucking Master'

It is only by the grace of faith in the Church of Colematics, that keeps us from the divine Mayhem.

Blessed be.

I.G Coleman
All knowing Seer
Colematics INF


released March 4, 2020


all rights reserved



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Started as a tape trading label in the 90's, website in the 2000's, Full blown netlabel in the 2010's.
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