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Baby Eater

by AG Davis

pew pew 02:18
elevate 05:08


Your violently animated figure, a tally of infinite angles, views, and scopes; drunken flies of dry Jesu, ejaculated with a gloomy appointment, an abortion made using the devil's 'shaving' money with fractal sabers of illegal copulation. Our superior conflicts veil worms and prevent them from communicating precise thoughts. Man as a temporal impediment; thus, the machine and these offended and numbed fingers. Death in style: TREES, roots, water, blood, rites, ideas, imagination, the vague grapeshot of a demonic stamp... and you find a social way out of bleeding. Everything is BLAHite-The senses shocked the senses outward beyond the possible----And WE turn to stop; WE turn to stop, and in the convoluted process weep into subordered thought, thought with pathetically diminished intent; and each icy whore pools my mind into datadumps of self-regulated genocide. Because i am more than 1 person.. I am parasites and hosts. I auto-destruct for the smiling viewers within the blemished glass towers of my buried, celestial mind. And all of these lovely snuff viewers are my lovely snuff selves. They love to see me suffer. And in my suffering, they suffer as well, but they enjoy it as much as i do not. But where do my selves penetrate my sliced open self? where, in fact, do we merge? There are many. Too many---------because I just love wrapping my long legs around my fucking minds. I love my channels to be corrupted and universally fucked. ''Fuck Love'' because love is being fucked as much and as often as my selves can provide...thus, the more I suffer and die, the more I become a multiplicity, and the more I become a multiplicity, the more I become a union. Everything is the same when the head spins too quickly and when there is no rest...


released June 23, 2020

recorded by AG Davis summer of '19 to may '20 - with 1 reworked recording dating back to the spring of 2006. i don't own any musical instruments, but still managed to play every instrument on this record. i also mixed this on 4-tracks and some windows 98 piece of shit. i did the midi programming, beats, cross-pollinating seed work between man and machine in a sort of luddite stance -


all rights reserved



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MuteAnt Sounds (netlabel) is in our 10TH!!!! year of distributing, sharing, posting and releasing the world’s finest experimental, noise, free jazz, no-fi ambient space jazz free form sound ever recorded.

Started as a tape trading label in the 90's, website in the 2000's, Full blown netlabel in the 2010's.
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