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“Bath Salt of the Earth”

by G’Odd

CF HAWN STAR Wake up ‘bout an hour before sunrise Make my first beat of the day before all you other guys Before I even wipe al the sleep from my eyes Put on my own designs don’t go out in disguise 3 cups of coffee 6 kratom 1 can twisted tea Don’t cross the threshold until they inside of me I’m known for my complexion not for my complexity Name’s still G’Odd how you expect it be? I stretch and yawn Up at dawn crossing a grassy knoll in CF Hawn He’s a Hawn Star 2 weeks poppin from crack hotel to crack hotel No eye contact don’t ask don’t tell Home girl had one too many trips to the well Laying off that good good for a spell Only time will tell when I’m gonna ring that bell don’t like it go to hell Just like Rhodes I am dusty, carry a big ass knife it’s sharp and it’s rusty Buy a few Steel Reserve for some street girls who deserve Tell me I’m nice so I throw in 2 cups of ice In and out of the family doller, they holla back when I holla I’m beginning to feel like a rap G’Odd rap G’Odd All the people from the front to back go on the nod Hey you get off my lawn, it’s nothing personal that’s just how we all get down in cf hawn Before I allow this plot to thicken Stop by Williams and get some friend chicken Strips with extra gravy, then hit the barber shop so that they can shave me Some wiggers pull up ask where can they cop hard Break me off a shard before you feathered and tarred Guys with soulless eyes and hard cocks up in fox waiting til their laundry dries Order up a nacho plate Shit GOdd you already ate Doing that a lot lately what an odd twist of fate Odd G where he be? Passing fools dead like Shaun down here in CF Hawn Stop by the office not trying to be a jerk But yo my plumbing doesn’t work What no Ac until spring But I’m rapping up in here know how much heat that bring? Plus, my kitchen cupboard came with a rat Fuck it, I’m not tripping over that 2 6-year olds called me a fag When I see a dog his tail doesn’t wag Still, I’m out in the hood flying a freak flag Not really making too many friends so far Sorta like popular when everyone knows who you are I don’t need sycophants to applaud and fawn I’m already a star down in CF Hawn Girl was no cowboy cheerleader but I take her home and I’m feedin her Think I’m some kind of Dahmer type gonna kill her and eat her Ask her her blood type and how many words per minute she type Then service her with hearing so much as gripe After that it’s back out again Haven’t seen a cop since who knows when But when they come, they come in groups of 10 Sirens blazing like these pastures they grazin But I know there’s even girl cops under cover Sorry but with that shiny badge I can’t be you lover Broke up a fight guy say he got that AR in the car under the spare tire From the look of his ride don’t think he’s liar. That gun shit just isn’t my flavor, I’m just trying to be a good neighbor Neither that church shit I think not, they yell, “Jesus loves you!” when I cut through their lot I’ve settled in for a spell got my own spot, my studio is hot You can spot me down her by the back of the hoodie I got on It says down the back welcome to CF Hawn
BATH SALTS Cleansed by the bath salts of this earth Died once or twice try to focus on rebirth I am the son of Gilgamesh Way less clean, but a lot more fresh Unearthed on an archeological tell Poison in the water drunk from the well In tunnels of Taoist temples find my sketching On walls of Egyptian pyramids celebrated by etchings Older than time dysfunctional, but rhymed Amputated and cremated my existence enshrined Defy documentation of accepted history Hazier than the mist that cloud up a mystery From druids to Samarians they can attest, they know my crest Keeping answers hidden and close to the vest Like watching the sunrise in the west A secret society burdened by sobriety Not for the pious to assume this propriety I was chewing coca leaves when I discovered Authtralia named a city Perth I was juthst emerthed in the bath thalts of thith eath My cell phone’s ringing it’s easter island Aks me the meaning of life I’ll just smile and Give the sly response that characterizes wisdom Categorize my knowledge by dewy decimal system Mingled with forgotten species subterranean Helped to chalk out the first draft of the prime meridian I carved the path for the grapes of wrath Used earthly salts to make my bath I’ve had my work get banned been fanned by concubines of the Taliban Knocked some Indians right out of a spelling bee Had native American shamans put blessings upon me Played on grass and Astro-turf terraformed planets with material sponsored by nerf Before phinneas gage was all the rage had a spike through my skull and wore it on stage There’s an ending to pie, but I ate that page On My first hunt trapped a jackelope Introduced it to a Minatare and the two of them eloped I’m too dope to cope gotta go down before extending my periscope A week before kanye i claimed to do all this shit cuz my life is dope think you can follow me? Answer’s probably nope No patience for shit that get too witchy Knew cleopatra before she turned bitchy After 30 days and 30 nights my shit was all itchy Knew about judas but didn’t tip off jesus, no snitch, see? Stood under obelisks blacked out by their shadow Sometimes I wonder bout all those bath salts I had yo Had quite a run trying to stick the landing Lost some contemporaries, yet I am still standing Brag til my face starts to twitch and my cranium dizzy GOdd had sacks of them bath salts delivered straight to the hizzy Reincarnated more times than the dalai lama Dictated you can’t touch this to mc Hamma Those that I shared with swore off drug like forever Never had so much attention get paid to my lever I’m the difference between fusion and fission I am your leader now partake in my vision I’ve been cleansed by bath salts of the earth Died once or twice try to focus on rebirth
Shark don’t Eat Gonna tellla you a story now boys and girls Easily offended? Then clutch your pearls Tell you about a clown called Honeycut Had something good went and fucked it up How much you get when you came to rob? $20? That’s less than you got to slobbed my knob And you went at it like a full time job Get your mind right check your hind sight Now reexamine your plight And my will jizz appetite Try to mend fences with fentanyl First time you made a complete sentence y’all Give you credit for one thing you mean business with that hatchet Remind me when I see you so that I can snatch it Call me Eminem all the times that you can if that’s the case then you’re Stan Remember that guy at the bus stop in the snow? You seen my show and you like whoa Tried to get even now take time for my rebuttal When you come to rob you must be a little more subtle Cops there faster than the space shuttle 5 people called 911, cops came I said I didn’t recognize anyone That’s not street logic it’s totally true because I’ve never met a bigger nobody than you You know my door and what’s in store in case you forgot it’s number 4 That’s why I never made you a beat cuz this is the day that a shark don’t eat I saw your video ducking under the door that makes you over 6ft 4” Gotta beg my ass for a loko like Four I teed off on your boys, threw their shit in a pile of leaves Told you right then you shouldn’t hang out with thieves That’s the 3rd time you saw me tossing fools like a tape eject You were just pussying out when you showed me that respect I was chilling down on Freemont that all you and me got in common is one old haunt They told me about all your charges, sunk like jabba’s sail barges So what if you’re 7 feet tall, I told you day one, this isn’t baseball 2 strikes and you’re out, got one on the bus home Can’t get it through that thick dome Mouthin off to the bus driver talkin bout I have clout Next stop is Freemont, get the fuck out Enough of that reminiscing my rhymes burn more than your dick when you’re pissing Text me your cell number so I can phone ya By the way, hi from Apollonia Her and GiGi told me where you be I went down to Pioneer square and you weren’t there Straight called you out simple and fair I know for certain you heard about it None of your bullshit can ever cloud it Tellin everybody how rich Honeycut, if that’s the case where’s your money cunt Only because of your sincerest flatteries that boombox of yours even has batteries Try to intimidate me an inch from my face “You think I’m playin’?” No, I think you’re an idiot. Do you hear what you’re saying? Pay attention to Scott respect for the body shot Never made you a song, but I’m built like Iggy on Fulan Gong Clenched up like your ass last time you hooked up Must of slid like 4 feet couldn’t have measured it with a stick that was less than a yard Couldn’t put me down could you? you fucking retard Up in jail getting your just dessert, owe, that’s gotta hurt Best learn you ought not flirt Keep using that line about Halle Barrie then fix you gap you fucking tooth fairy No money in your commissary Need a snack? You can munch my nuts while your ass is feeding more people up there than pizza hut Tell them again how you’re down with Wu and brought up Snoop Your veins run with crap I usually don’t like rape jokes but in your case Nah, I won’t open that can of worms, cuz the real fucking rapist is the one who gave you those perms I hope you and your cell mate have a real nice date Sorry this is a little bit late, but I performed it in public before I went south Turns out you’re not the only one with a big ass mouth Your new spot is a little bit bigger than my vocal booth Your mother I tap there’s only two things you can’t do with that big yap of yours One is tell the truth the other is rap Up in jail you are fresh meat That’s why this is the day the shark don’t eat
JACK THE DRIPPER Hammering you I mean ball peen At every stop I’m making a scene It’s easy for me like Sunday morning Making you wish I was still touring All of my crew they done been dug Getting you off like a rub and tug all in love, with this mug Not loving no pig and my beats you dig While I’m rigggin my wig I’m a fighter like Mig Not feeling it much cuz I’m out of touch Just a little difference between you and me It’s a tenuous relation with reality Unemployed as a male stripper And a band aid ripper Making those girls take a tug at that zipper Make yourself useful and bring me my slipper And take great care what you put in my pipe Admit I’m the general and give me a stripe Thumping your melon just to see if you ripe While I’m serving your guts and calling it tripe Don’t forget to tip your bartender Pounding that ass til it’s nice and tender Keep your girl at home I’m going to offender Still coming down from a 2 year bender Mail order bride let me tell you where to send her To me care of the odd g


G’Odd returns to Mute Ant Sounds with his 3rd solo album
Bath Salt of the Earth. The release is the first recorded in his new studio, CF Hawn and features members of his new rap collective based in the Dallas, Texas neighborhood, Greedy Grove. The next level of freak rap is here and it is salty…Bath Salty.

1. Messin’ With Texas
2. Hawn Star
3. Bath Salts
4. Shark Don’t Eat
5. Human Rolodex
6. Truth Is Out of Style
7. Jack the Dripper

All songs written, recorded, mixed, mastered + artwork design by G’Odd, except 6 written by MC 900 ft Jesus

Guest verses:
Bone (3,5)
Da Monnie (5)
Slicc Malone (5)
Boxhead Walker (5)
Other guests:
Jason and Molly Waugaman (6)

See additional information, artwork, and view the accompanying movie:
G’Odd “Bath Salt of the Earth”

The Movie:
June 3rd

G’Odd “Bath Salt of the Earth”

G’Odd arrives in Texas to find a mysterious, hooded figure who has prepared for his arrival. Identical gear
has been set up in the exact formation as it was in the Fire Brigade studio. However, something unnatural was
taking place in this new studio and the land surrounding it in CF Hawn.
A rocket occasionally buzzes the neighborhood, and an image of crossed axes can sometimes be seen in the night
sky, behind each door a new puzzle, and at the center of it all….
Bath Salts. What do axes, bath salts, styling new fashion with matching wigs have to do with each other?
They are pieces of the great truth at the end of it all.
What is the meaning of life?
Go to CF Hawn and far beyond with G’Odd, the Odd G as he encounters “The Bath Salts of the Earth”.










CREDITS: “You really shouldn’t turn me on.”



all rights reserved



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