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nanobotswana, delight

by ag davis

goos 04:27
french 03:02
prain' 02:21
spelling bee 02:02
the 02:35
if u wanna 02:20
enoch 03:05
cops 04:28
cha cha 02:00
bon salope 03:32
shadder 02:03
gat&H 11:00



Belief systems are reflections of a body's health, and are thus at a constant risk of death.

There is but little hope of salvaging the humans from the path of non-conscious (i.e. hypothetical) thought.

1.The Human is caught between the will of sentient gods (the body) and the individual body (the god particle), and it is at the mercy of all the symbiotic convergences and divergences between the will of sentient gods and the individual body (i.e. biological replication).

3. Humans cannot possibly stop the spread of their own verbal decay.

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4 . This is a list of all the tags in the game:
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5. To speak is to will death.

6. Human Nature Speaks.

The future of humans

1. In this future, we will live forever, but will always be a bit dead.

We are the children of the dead, and the dead have become the children of the living.

What kind of living?
What kind of dead?
What kind of children?

Are you a Dead Person? - if you are a Dead Person, how would you know?)


(The First Global Revolution)

The First Global Revolution is the preliminary phase of the Un-Minding of the 'Self' through its ur-healthy dismemberment and cremation. The First Global Revolution is the non-coercive, non-violent, and inoffensive death of all Social Institutions, as well as the termination of all forms of power and oppression (the police, the military, the financial industry); it is the demilitarization of the State, the Un-Minding of all hierarchical power structures; it is a complete demystification and unmasking of the ''localized'' and contingency-ridden ''Soul''.

It is a phase in which all hierarchies, both past and present, are completely eliminated through annihilation of the Sole-Mind.

((But what is the nature of the Beast?))

The Beast is a product of civilization, and a reflection of civilization’s inherent dysfunction (it's impossibly complicated quantum-networking in which precise truths of cause and effect mean literally nothing to it's own expansion (or contraction) as a vast, para-pliable network of ''mystified'' impulses).

And in so many ways it is just that which brings us full circle.


-So they were our gods.-

The gods of our people, the gods that we had created to keep us under control,
and the gods that we had fought to keep us alive.

We had them to give life, and we had them to die.

The gods of our people were born,
and then,
they died.

They were raised up, and they had to be put down.

They were killed, and we had to bury them.

Death was a part of our gods.

We do not have a language that describes a living being as a dead being.
And we did not have words to describe the time before our gods.

In the beginning was the word.



©ag davis, adm.


released October 19, 2021

When I awake
I cease to exist.

music, decompositions, etc::::ag davis


all rights reserved



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