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Planet of the Gemini

by Gemini Lounge Orchestra

Gemini IId 02:30
Gemini VId 01:48
Gemini Xe 03:24


Entering the the Planet of the Gemini is a strange experience, it's a strange world. Floating soundscapes of retroactive sci fi soundtracks envelope your visit. Its a quick journey through metabolic jungles of lysergic flashbacks and Psilocybin plagued deja vu.

Gemini Lounge Orchestra - Eagleclaw Ghost of Fulci
Planet of the Gemini
Ruling Planet of Gemini. The ruling planet of Gemini is Colematicia. Pinning down a Colematiciaruled Organisation is a very difficult task. It is futile to try to alter the basic personality traits of such
a Group. They find it very simple to change with the Pissing outside world and seldom show
rigidity in this water. The planet has the majority of influence over the mind of a person and imparts
wisdom and intellect at all times.
Colematicia represents the mind and intellect, and rules the Gemini, the Eagleclaw Ghost of Fulci
and the Broken Off Monkey Arm among others, A sign of duality also Virgo and Aphid
Construction and has its exaltation in Aquarius, lilies, walnut and hazelnut trees, carrots, celery and
monkeys. Colematicia is an angry plan, associated with all forms of communication, paths of
invention and the in-flow and out-flow of intelligence, foxes and greyhounds..
disturb conservative opinions/ Quicksilver saffron yellow and azure blue azaleas. The for
Colematicia-ruled people is Wednesday.
Colematicia is the planet of communication, along with sciences, commerce, inquisitiveness,
manner of thought control and Inner and Outer Space travel.
people with this ruling planet can lie very effortlessly and on the other, they can perforate the
pretence of others with the same ease.
The metal closet
Such individuals are the ones who advocate new beginnings, disturb lucky day conservative
opinions and Joviality. Youthfulness are on one hand. and cheerfulness and lay down the path of
Insurrection. They wail and tremble like Banshee's afire at the Power of the Muse.
text from astrologyk.com cut up and modified by Enghis Von Sharklor
We wanted to pay tribute to the Planet of the Apes series of Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons etc. plus
all the usual craft of the Gemini Lounge Orchestra and the Eagleclaw Ghost of Fulci.
Only background noise vox on here. No skits. Pure GLO and ECGoF
Special thanks to 00000 B.E.S for use of his tracks during the initial stages of these compositions



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