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st augustine 10:33
new york 16:50
nyc i went.. to the city. to the fountain which was (and upon my arrival already i had word from my dear nemesis as though she knew i was there) with all the dirt found of people. and sat there with v. she told me about her brother, who could kill thoughtlessly but saw no need to- on the train we fell into a basket of peas, or the pink cardigan of a billboard model laughing into a dizzy storm, there was no consoling her or i. we went to the place called elsewhere with t. but t. has a crush, which was revealed. i traveled on the metro north which was like a miracle along the river after a small stop at that old store in grand central. d. found me somewhere after a trip on the loop bus thinking of his dark hair. i was exonerated in red hook and taken to the village of my memories where the cicadas, in a gentle blue storm of sound- never mind. a day in bed. another missed drag show. a day on the couch in a throw. the children out at 11 pm on bicycles. the porch light. a day, released, finally. a trip to the wedding, the nunnery, a trip to the river! to swim out, at dusk, from the train tracks, into that unfeeling current! watched by a girl in a white top. like a spectre, i went up the hill. and the village was sleeping. i went to her old house, where last year we had talked upon the steps, both wrapped in old sweatshirts. another crime committed, more blood on the ankle. no adieu or gentle parting, but myself unforgivable. still, surrounded by devoted friends. i am errant. a return to the city. the metro north. the canadian family. another visit to the old shop. everything, beautiful. a hello for d., a hello for r. washington square, unfortunate. a hello for the australian boy at port authority accosted by drug addicts (the usual). a final manic conversation with v. a long stretch of blackness, highway. the northeast dc. union station in its, say, midnight sigh. the lyft driver in hysterics around columbus circle, cannot find me. a dark empty house that is not my own.
Philly 12:05
DC 16:00
dc i think of a heart i tore, i think of red today, this heat i cannot survive in, the days i obliterate in obligation. soon i will be on the road again. thinking still, a year later, i have no place in this world. this summer, i am on any (any) train seat, lying, feet in the sky who could mind what passes by? i am lately disconnected, walked down the street with no friend of mine. ditched them, tormented someone with black eyes. they said 'o, [my name]' and i was in that moment afraid of this white endless feeling as this is the sort of adoration one cannot speak of without causing pain. here, another uninhabitable exoskeleton of guardrails and cranes- what other world opens under when the heat gives way? dc a cup proffered between traffic, man parked ignores my friend, you are looking at nothing, you are focused at looking at nothing homeless woman searches the air around me for a sign of softness or compassion but nothing gives we walk down the street- finally a clear plastic cup balanced on the electric box a portrait of spit on the sidewalk everyone is, ah, out and about tonight on miniature wheels or the walking drunk this is a residential area: tents and shopping carts man in wig on bicycle
Hudson 1 22:22
Hudson 2 20:12



released April 28, 2020

by unknown sound collective: andy, noa, greg etxe, mourning dove


all rights reserved



Muteant Sounds (net label) Florida

MuteAnt Sounds (netlabel) is in our 10TH!!!! year of distributing, sharing, posting and releasing the world’s finest experimental, noise, free jazz, no-fi ambient space jazz free form sound ever recorded.

Started as a tape trading label in the 90's, website in the 2000's, Full blown netlabel in the 2010's.
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