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Asteroid Extinction Cult

by Asteroid Extinction Cult

1. EVERYTHING EXPLODES Seven times the continents they shift beneath our feet Seven are the deadly sins unless you’re on the street Seven for the luck that you imagine it to be Seven for the troubled waters linking every sea When the first weapons came to be Everything from gunpowder to tnt Tribes may live by different codes In the end it all explodes When the first weapons came to be Everything from gunpowder to tnt Tribes? They live by different codes In the end it all explodes Carvings mark the death tolls Scribes committing to the scrolls Languages become unknown Smoke from the rosetta stone From the first quill to sharpened bone Deadly blows that one must hone All in name of progress, but still done at their behest Even Christian gOD took the seventh day to rest Pitiful the god who lets his creations destroy Mightier the warfare that the fearsome gods deploy Pitiful the god who lets his creations destroy Your god did not create you and the earth is not your toy
2. COMFORT MAN Never phased by male gaze The next step could go both ways Misandry could be dandy if you keep it in the family Treat them this last meal Ground beneath your heal Unsure what to feel Kneel Comfort man is at it again Trickles down the length of his chin Comfort man must pay for his skin Comfort man’s original sin Comfort man can struggle he can gasp for his breath Drinking life’s blood keeping one step from his death Fearing castration not the litmus test For the main course at the victory fest Laying so still just sitting at the feet Head can rise and it’s meeting the knees Open mouth and close your eyes Imbibe of your crimson demise When you run with scissors someone’s sure to get cut You can call me mommy you can call me a cunt Hit it from the back became suck it from the front It’s a new day and guess who’s on the hunt? When you run with scissors everybody gets cut I am not your mommy, but I’ve got the perfect cunt
3. IGNORANCE IS BLISS Ignorance is bliss, here’s a good night kiss Dreamer can’t see that there’s something amiss Ignorance is bliss, come and get your kiss Liar’s forked tongue, you can hear the hiss Ignorance is bliss, how about that kiss? Times of reason, how we reminisce Ignorance is bliss, we were meant to kiss Intellect drains to the final abyss Ignorance is bliss, now I get my kiss Best served cold, it’s my favorite dish Ignorance is bliss, I would be remiss Standing neutral, and emotional Swiss Ignorance is bliss, but you can’t dismiss Blind leading blind, it’s my dying wish Ignorance is bliss, here’s a good night kiss Drowning from lies in the deepest abyss Nothing in this world ever coming from chance Choose your partner because it’s time for the dance Refusing to acknowledge any circumstance Maybe just a story that you’re trying to enhance Everything is certain when you’re at the first glance Taking a chance leads to a hypnotic trance Recognize formation of demonic plans Take it easy now, we’re just holding hands Easy to accept not believing in fate Better mind your manners when you’re on the first date Secret cabal that’s controlling it all No time to hesitate, no time to stall Filled with fury when this action’s required Blood boils over as the engine is fired Possessing secret knowledge hid from us all Find recognition at the center of the brawl When this ignorance has consumed us all When no one is left standing tall When we eat from the apple again Adam just moans and we repeat our sin Live by the sword and killed by the horde Taken to term, but eaten by the worm It is written, but it can’t be told It doesn’t matter when your soul is sold
4. DEATH POEMS Upon the finest parchment or clawed on common stone Trying to find solace, but no way I’m planning to atone Choose your words carefully, for they will be your last Embrace your role as creature of the past Fleeting are your days formed as humanoid Debase contaminants body alloyed Get to the end so the journey can begin Days are finite walking among men Noble as the wise man guiding you Purer than a simple drop of morning dew Peaceful as the sea never meeting the sand Virgin as the last patch of untilled land Every day my death poem writes another verse Liquor on the breath of man driving my hearse Deep down in cave and you are the canary Can I get a quote for your obituary? Measuring your corpse with a quick glance of the eye Coffin maker’s customer because you’re going to die Circle means the universe and circle means the void Burning up in atmosphere like and asteroid Fleeting are your days formed as humanoid Debased contaminants body alloyed Circle is your universe and circle is your void You will burn in atmosphere falling asteroid Separating man from neanderthal One was not so vain seeing future in this all Both had seen the light and both had heard the call Sketches of a dying being left in bloody scrawls Step into the circle, step into the void walls Crafting fina; scripture eternal night falls Step out of the universe step into the void squalls Hell does not exist and Valharra’s empty halls
5. LIVES OF KNIVES The moon’s too bright The chain’s too tight Crawl to you baby fall at your feet Claw at your heart and I’d tear your sheet Never dreamed I’d be this lost in the dismay Wicked game you play makes me feel this way World’s on fire no one saves me but you Strange what desire makes foolish people do You’ll find it happens and it’s all of the time When I see you out it’s just such a crime It is not unusual to see me cry It is not unusual I want to die Someday when I’m awfully low Someday soon when the world is cold Don’t ever change keep that breathless charm Never cover needle marks I can see your arm They tell me life is an empty scene It is just an avenue of broken dreams Isn’t good night life, but it’s better than the knife Too tight, too bright Just an empty scene All those broken dreams



released May 21, 2021

Asteroid Extinction Cult is....

Vinnie Paternostro
Scott Nyedegger
and Paul Beachamp

Produced by
Asteroid Extinction Cult
@ Mecca PDX


Billy Andersen @ Hallowed Halls PDX

May - November the year of our demise


all rights reserved



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