track: a lock of hair
by: mourning dove
i cannot say the you if i were to say you
whose kindnesses are particular, cannot be exhausted
who dares the audience along in every conversation
which then severs language into the familiar and unwelcome.
i cannot tell you you are lost as though
it were the fault of the spring in coming so late- overheated, willed by
dreams where thinking is flying
and there is always someone to get away from
not an escape but sadness so thick we could get (as threatened) on the freight which
was just beyond those january trees as seen from the rehabilitation center in 2016-
were you ever alone that year, you said you wanted to be alone that year?
you stayed through the sun’s long silences, these that spilled through windows of which there were so many in that prison of yourself which was profound
you imagined being taken out of your body, hoped for it every night
but to be on earth, it is to pretend, there are things to do here
as though this the city which has a fractured council and overlooks that river
wasn’t the universe’s thoughts all condensed
where time has its own station,
you might leave your feeling towards me
outside the door
where a stray animal recognizes
a few bloodied objects that could be
me, a squirrel, or you
expired as simple as the sun at this roadside
does that vulture still walk unbalanced in the wood in pursuit
i could, maybe, forget you,
in the coming years i might not be thinking
or taken up by others who live curiously
in the backgrounds of old films
anonymous and now passed on
like the grandson of a statesman who sank opiates


from while we were away, released July 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Muteant Sounds (net label) Florida

MuteAnt Sounds (netlabel) is entering our 8TH year of distributing, sharing, posting and releasing the world’s finest experimental, noise, free jazz, no-fi ambient space jazz free form sound ever recorded.

Started as a tape trading label in the 90's, website in the 2000's, Full blown netlabel in the 2010's.
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